Olivier G. (France)

“I  have  always  liked  to  work  outdoors.
After a few  years  in  another  business,   Idiscovered Kwik Kerb® which proved to be perfect for me . I found the intensive training to be excellent. I enjoy being able to help my customers create wonderful landscapes which I find very satisfying. I have no regrets having chosen to buy a Kwik Kerb® System.”

Frans V. (South Africa)

“I completed my training course in September 1996 and since then Kwik Kerb® has been part of my family and my life. Over the past year I have seen the Kwik Kerb® brand grow from strength to strength through a superior quality product and their experienced marketing know-how. The local & international support has been wonderful and l look forward to many more years working together. The thing that I enjoy most in this business is watching my customers reaction when I transform their very average garden into a masterpiece and then they refer me to their friends.”


Willem & Dalene A. (South Africa)

“Since returning from a well paid security position in Iraq, my wife and I started looking at various home businesses and the wide selection of business opportunities narrowed quickly when we started looking into Kwik Kerb®. Kwik Kerb® was definitely the most viable business with low costs and high profit margins. Another BIG plus is there are no royalties or Franchise fees payable.  Compliments  to  the Kwik Kerb®Management, the ongoing support and back-up is nothing short of phenomenal. I have found that the quality product sells itself and having extensive pro-active marketing pays off and will continue to pay off in the long term too. Thanks again Kwik Kerb®.”

Quentin L. (South Africa)

“I have been involved with the motor industry for 26 years as a Service Manager and found that like so many other people, I’d had enough of the corporate politics, so I chose to do something about it! I came across Kwik Kerb® in a garden magazine and straight away liked the concept. I contacted Kwik Kerb® as well as the “other” curbing company. I had no response from them and a prompt & professional response from Kwik Kerb®. The training was second to none, and on completion you know the business better than anyone else. You know how to operate each and every tool. Marketing and sales tactics, as well as how to quote was covered in the theoretical module of the training.

I completed my Kwik Kerb® training course and took delivery of my equipment on the 29th August 2005. Proudly I managed to completed 786 meters of curbing in my first month of operation and presently I’m now looking to purchase a second set of equipment because we’re booked up for over a month in advance and clients want it “now”. I am enjoying the challenge and do NOT miss the corporate environment at all!!”