North America!

Doug W. (Canada)

“This is without doubt the most impressive and affordable business I have ever seen. The support and training I have received is second to none. My clientele has ranged from common residential properties to million dollar estates, building contractors and landscapers.”

Adele & Giles H. (Florida)

“I wanted more control over my own future, and my job meant that I was being controlled by someone else. I saw Kwik Kerb in a magazine, and it looked like a rewarding business so I gave it a go. We had immediate success and we were pleasantly surprised to discover Kwik Kerb was not only very profitable but it gave us a unique sense of daily gratification we had never experienced. Every day our clients were just thrilled with what we did for them”

David M. (Texas)

“The Kwik Kerb start up package and your continued support over the years has exceeded my expectations. My family and I thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to have my own business and be in charge of our future.”

Jeff V (Pennsylvania)

"I first saw extruded concrete borders while on vacation in Florida and thought it would be a good fit with my family's remodeling business. I installed it at my home and a couple of family members. Since then, my business took off. My customers choose Kwik Kerb because of the aesthetics and functionality. They are delighted with the results and get so many compliments about their new curbing."

Jeff W. (Canada)

“Kwik Kerb has been everything I expected it to be and actually exceeded my expectations. Everytime I call with a question, you get me the answer. You have no idea how important that is to me. The operators only section of the website is also very helpful.”

Jason & Dustin A. (Minnesota)

“It’s unique in that there is so much more you can do with the machine,” Justin said. “Because it’s so small, it makes rounded designs fairly easy. We can do a lot of edging in one day and it doesn’t tear up the yard. We don’t have skid-steers tearing up the yard, removing sod, so there’s little stress to the lawn. That’s probably one of the biggest selling points. We both worked for Pepsi and we wanted to get into our own business. We both enjoy working with this kind of landscaping and outdoor work. It’s a lot of work, but we get to see a finished project and that’s rewarding.”

Scott E (California)

“I like the many combinations of curb styles and colors, and there are so many possibilities that I can match any type of existing stonework or pavers. I love the work because of its independence, as well as the opportunity it offers to be creative. The future looks so good that I might be able, at some point, to have two crews going while I manage the office and take care of marketing and job estimates. Currently, I can do everything by myself with a helper who mixes concrete. I go out in the morning and I get paid in the afternoon by the homeowner."

Todd B. (Illinois)

"In eight years of curbing in a city of about 4,000, my Kwik Kerb still has unlimited business ahead of it. I set up shop at a local home show every year and that pretty much gives me enough work to keep going. I demonstrate my machine by laying a curb of wet sand on the home show floor and customers flood me. From there I work by word of mouth. On many jobs I have neighbors strolling over to have a look at my work, and that inevitably leads to more jobs. Kwik Kerb is also extremely helpful with passing on Internet inquiries and I have worked six jobs this spring from that alone."

Charlotte & Mike K (Ohio)

"We had considered getting into business by buying a franchise or opening a restaurant. But it wasn’t until Charlotte was looking at possibilities for landscaping our house and came across concrete garden edging laid by machine that we became sold on a small business idea. It’s not often something like this falls in your lap. When things like that happen, you’ve got to jump on them. This is a big market up here that we can tap into. Owners often paint exteriors, change shutters, add porches or make other changes to improve the value of their homes, but it isn’t until they stumble across a product like Kwik Kerb that they consider more grounded details. Nobody ever really thinks about adding value to the home through a driveway or a sidewalk."

Darren K. (Florida)

"I started my Kwik Kerb business almost 18 years ago. Since, my son has come into the business. We have as much business as we want and Kwik Kerb keeps coming up with new products and methods to keep homeowners and commercial clients intrigued. Kwik Kerb is an innovative company in that way. For example, now there is a method of refurbishing old borders. There is also a lighting system whereby wires are strung through the curbing so that lights can be installed along a driveway or entryway. I am also particularly fond of the electric machines, because they reduce stress on the job, allow easy crew communication and give me the ability to come into a sleepy neighborhood early in the morning and lay curbing without disturbing the residents."