Tim K. & Vanessa W.

“We’ve been curbing for about 12 months now and we love it! We get to work outside, work our own hours and we make a good income. We really enjoy working with our customers and the satisfaction we get from giving them the landscape that they want. We think Kwik Kerb is fantastic.”

Hantun H.

“Before I started the Kwik Kerb training, I didn’t know anything about edging, but by the end of the course I was filled with confidence. I am excited with the income potential of Kwik Kerb and I am very pleased with my choice.”

Adam S.

“Believe it or not, I’ve actually got too much work. To be in the position where I ‘cringe’ when the phone rings is a fantastic feeling. My biggest problem is parting with too many dollars to the taxman.”

Brian C.

“I have finally found time to write to update you on my Kwik Kerb business. Would you believe it’s now six years since I purchased a Kwik Kerb® System and business is booming. I can still remember my first week in business, having just completed my training. I picked up my trailer and laid my first job the very next day. From my quick start into business, I can honestly say that the more work I do, the more work I create for myself. I expect to receive at least one or two quotes from every job I complete. It is now the start of winter and I have two months of work on my books. Having come from wearing a collar and tie everyday in my last job, I enjoy going to work now in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt!”

Alan & Lynn N.

“Kwik Kerb’s brand name provides instant credibility & recognition. It has given us great flexibility with the variety of work we do. We can also provide a better quality of life for ourselves & our family. Our Kwik Kerb business has enabled us to live in our dream home, send our children to good schools and take yearly holidays. For us, there’s nothing better than working in the outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. By being in business for ourselves, we can choose to spend more time with our family.”