For over 25 Years, Kwik Kerb® have been the world leaders in continuous concrete edging and can now be found in over 20 countries. In many of those countries Kwik Kerb® is a household name synonymous with quality in the landscape curbing industry. Kwik Kerb® enjoys

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extremely strong brand recognition. In fact that brand recognition is so strong, people don’t ask for concrete garden edging, they ask for Kwik Kerb®! What a fantastic advantage to hold over your competitors.

Innovation has always been at the heart of Kwik Kerb’s success. Kwik Kerb® was the first company to develop and supply a stamped and patterned curbing product - the famous Eurostyle® product. Although other have since tried to copy the concept, Eurostyle® is still the premier concrete edging product in the world. Recently Kwik Kerb® has added the innovative Eurobrick® range of edging fi nishes with a brick and mortar appearance. Kwik Kerb® continues to develop new technology and processes to stay at the forefront of the curbing industry.


The real success came when the Edgemaster® machine was packaged together with Kwik Kerb® branding, equipment, tools, training, promotional materials, advertising, technical support, marketing support and on-going business care to form the Kwik Kerb® System. Using this proven system, Kwik Kerb® Operators could lay quality concrete edging and make a very healthy income! With the proven system in place, it no longer mattered if the Operator didn’t have previous concreting or business experience, they were set for success.